Continuidad con los dispositivos en su App de eventos

Continuidad de dispositivos en apps para eventos

Continuidad con los dispositivos en su App de eventos

You have a mobile application for your conferences, but is your App really up to the task? Is it simply a screen with images and colors, or is it built for the purpose of improving almost all aspects of the attendee’s experience?


The expectations of the attendees are increasing rapidly, as they rely more on smart devices on their experiences of everyday life. And it is evident that, when they are unfolding in their conference, the needs multiply.

Let’s see some of the things to keep in mind:

  • If the assistant starts building his conference itinerary with his smartphone, then when he is at his desk, will he be able to continue where he left off?
  • How easily can the assistant alternate between the devices ?
  • If the Smartphone runs out of battery, can you quickly switch to your tablet and not lose the rhythm?
  • While browsing from one session to the next, can you take notes and quickly access brochures and other valuable information?
  • After the conference, when you are back in the office, how easy will it be to share notes, documents, graphics and videos with colleagues?

The mobile revolution is not coming, it is already here . It moves at full speed and is affecting a wide range of people in each generation. If you still do not know how to master this continuity between devices, there is still time to catch up.


Once the «continuity through the devices» dominates, the challenge is to start thinking about how to improve the mobile experience through multiple events with a single application, since that will be the next step. Many of your classmates are already doing it.


Not sure where to turn for answers? Start with a closer look at EventMobi .