El Registro para eventos automatizado, ¡Vende tu próximo evento!

Registro para eventos

El Registro para eventos automatizado, ¡Vende tu próximo evento!

The automation of registration for events and the sending of emails facilitates both the promotion and the sale of tickets. Learn to get the most out of this quick guide.

The to-do list of an event organizer never ends. No matter what the type of event, a congress, a conference, an incentive trip or a product presentation, a lot of planning is needed to create an impeccable experience.

One of the most important steps in the task list is to invite and register attendees . While it seems like a simple step on the list, getting guests to attend the event is part of the crucial process for success, and it’s not always a simple task.

To register your attendees while juggling other priorities, such as hiring speakers or choosing catering providers, many event organizers rely on registration automation and email communications. Email invitations are not only more effective; They can also be automated to speed up and reduce the workload of your team.

With the automation of these two elements you can create a flow of emails and automatically send them to the inboxes of potential attendees. You can schedule emails to be sent at a specific date and time or configure some details to send these emails based on the characteristics, preferences or behavior of your audience. The automation of communications will help you optimize the registration process, increase ticket sales and, in short, achieve your goals for a positive ROI return.

To help you automate the creation and sending of emails we provide you step by step the elements that you need to integrate into your registration process and thus ensure that your event is well received.

Whether you are an organizer, a collaborator or you are focused on the sale of events, these tips will help you meet the expectations of your next congress, fair or meeting.

automatización de registro y comunicaciones por correo electrónico para los eventos.

Questions your invitation should answer

Before immersing ourselves in the automation of the registration and sending of communications, we must review the way in which we design and structure our invitations, with the aim of transmitting a clear message and with an image that strengthens it. A design with a strong brand image and a consistent structure is crucial to make a good first impression and set the tone for subsequent communications.

This initial email should be simple and answer the key questions that will arise at first. You must present your event to the guests, explain what makes your event different, offer important details such as the date, the schedule, the speakers or the topics of the sessions, and of course, encourage them to register or confirm their attendance. Remember to establish a line of design and communication that is maintained in all communications, this will make your event win in personality and attractiveness.

To ensure that this invitation offers the right and necessary amount of information, here are four key questions that your invitation must answer …

Is your event one more?

First of all you have to get your potential attendees to open the email and perceive that your event is not one more. For this it will be important that you take care of the subject of the mail and, once inside, the name and logo of the same appear at the top.

Later we will see more details, but the first thing is to make an impact on your guests and get them to resort to the name of your event.

Why should I attend?

An invitation should convince the guests that it is a great opportunity for them. You need more than a simple description of the event, you have to tell your audience what differentiates your event with a proposal of clear value and focused on the profile of those who are reading it.

Remember that you are asking your guests to give you their time and, in some cases, to take care of the cost of the event through the purchase of tickets. Therefore, make sure that your invitation contains the list of speakers that will participate in the event and the topics they will discuss. Remember that everyone asks «What benefit does this have for me?»

This question must be addressed immediately, as in the first lines of the invitation, strive to explain why.

When and where?

Your invitation should include some basic details such as when and where, providing the exact location, dates and time.

Confirm that these data are the definitive ones and verify these details before sending your invitation since resending a second email to rectify these aspects will not make a good impression on your potential attendees.

How can I confirm my attendance?

Suppose you manage to retain the attention of your audience and are prepared to register or confirm their attendance. Make sure that the next step is clear with a highlighted button and that when you click it takes you to a simple and intuitive registration page.

Use a provider specialized in the registration for events and the sending of communications, so that the whole process is fluid and no problems arise that complicate it further. The design of this registration page must be in line with the one used in the invitation, it is very important that your brand is always present.

Emails to automate after invitation

The email invitation is just the first contact with potential attendees. As the registration process progresses and the date of the event approaches, you must send different communications depending on the objective to be achieved with each of your recipients, such as confirming their attendance or informing them of changes or developments that may be of interest.

If attendees have access to other types of platforms, such as an app for events , you should also send an email to those registered to access them in a comfortable way, such as a

Automate this series of emails based on the status of the registration, interests or calendar will help you maximize reach and reduce the workload.

Correos electrónicos para automatizar después de una invitación para eventos


To attract more people to your event, you can send an email with the keynote speakers, the master sessions or the opinions of attendees in previous years.

Increase the conversion and generate a flow of emails based on the response of your recipients.

How to automate: It is important to keep attendees informed that they have already registered, but at this point it will be key to identify those who have not yet done so to try to convince them.

Rate Changes

You can generate more records by planning rate changes and providing deadlines to your potential attendees. Warn that there are few places left or that, as of a date, all rates will be increased.

How to automate: Schedule the email for sending when there are a certain number of places or a few days before the rates change, so your audience will have the opportunity to choose the best price.

Last chance

When the registration deadline is close, send an email to potential attendees and notify them of the last opportunity to register. Set a deadline for registration and take care of transmitting this information in a clear way.

The email should emphasize the value of your event and you might even consider offering a discount to increase ticket sales.

How to automate: Send mail to those who have clicked on the invitation but have not registered. Schedule it to arrive one day before registration closes.


As the event approaches you should send reminders to your attendees. Although you can’t think of anything else, your guests have their own concerns and agendas, so a kind reminder is always a good idea.

Highlight the basic details once again and offer the possibility of contacting you or a member of your team to answer any questions.

How to automate: Schedule a reminder for confirmed attendees a day or several days before the event and make sure all the information is correct.

Post Event Survey

Once the event is over, it encourages attendees to complete a stasis survey and analyzes the opinions.

It is important to collect valuable feedback when you are trying to improve or develop services, so you should create a survey in advance. The email should thank the guests for their assistance and ask them to complete a quick survey to make sure that next year’s event is even better.

You can also create specific surveys for different groups. For example, if you want to know how the networking sessions were, create a survey on this specific aspect and send the email to the attendees.

How to automate: Schedule the satisfaction survey one hour after the end of the event.

aplicaciones para Encuesta posterior al evento

In conclusion

By automating emails, event organizers can easily communicate and reduce the workload of your team. The ability to manage emails for sending based on the characteristics or interests of your guest list will make them gain personalization and effectiveness to achieve your registration goals.

Do you need to organize a conference or congress and want to improve your registration results with a platform that meets your expectations? Get in touch with us and we will help you get the most out of your event!